Plus Size Basics For Spring — Long Length Tops

Every 6 months or so I invest in 5-10 basics that I’ve never tried before in hopes of finding my *forever staples*, because a girl needs a solid lineup, you know what I mean? I’ve been on this personal hunt to find the absolutely perfect top that is quality and doesn’t break the bank. But at the same time, it seems like the shirt that’s going to check off all of my boxes is going to end up being $50 or more, and honestly, I’ll be okay with it if it rises to the challenge.

In the meantime, I’m seeing if there is an in between option, one that can fulfill my needs and work with my budget while I’m building my new business. And if you’re thinking, “Torrrrri, please tell me what it is already!”, I PROMISE you I will as soon as I can. I’ve gotta get the legal pieces in place first.

But back to the tops, the reason you swiped up.

I recently hit continue to payment, the three little words that are often so hard to click on (especially as a plus size woman, amiright). But I’m really confident these tops will fit well and look good, I just hope the quality is up to par.

First up, this cami, and in two colors — DUH

And then these tunics:

Last but not least, this tunic:

I’ll update you on Insta with all the fits and feedback. Until then, let me know what content you want more of! Have a great weekend, and happy shopping!

xx, T

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