My Recent H&M Haul and Why I’m mad at Nordstrom (a mini tantrum)

I heavily vibe with quarantine fashion. The one good takeaway from a global pandemic is the fact that loungewear has made a serious comeback and yet is superbly chic in every way. I’m so behind this trend because obvi I’m a new mom and getting ready for the day is basically staying in loungewear. Add a few chain necklaces, a cute claw clip and some trendy sneakers and you’re ready for the cat walk to your couch.

One thing I literally hate with a passion is the lack of effort some brands put into their basics. Nordstrom is on my shit list, because they still make ugly a** curve clothing that looks like it belongs on a different generation than the one they’re “catering” to. Plus size women make up the majority of this country, and it baffles me that we’re still not marketed to. I was scouring their site last night for some top quality basic tees, and all I really found that was remotely cute was Madewell. I’m still on the hunt for some top notch, soft and luxurious basics that are with the times, and you’ll be the first to know when I do.

I recently bought basics from H&M, and I have to say I’m pretty happy for the price point and for the fit. Out the door, my 13 pieces were $175.67. I have high expectations, so some of the pieces didn’t quite fit exactly how I wanted them to. I was hoping that the ACDC, Star Wars and Tan t-shirts would be a little bit longer. But the color was so on point that I decided to keep them. Online plus size shopping can be such a pain in the a** sometimes. Hopefully one day we can actually have plus size inventory on the store floor. For now, you’ve got me to help you! H&M basics are definitely Tori approved. I’ll be revisiting them for some basics in the future.

My sizes: top size 18-20, depending on how baggy I want the fit. Bottom size 18.

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sweatshorts $12.99
printed star wars t shirt $17.99
ribbed pants $17.99
printed t shirt $17.99
t shirt
t shirt
crop top sold out, similar one linked
phone case
top $9.99
t shirt
shaping biker shorts


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