My Favorite Wide Fit Shoes of the Moment

I’m sure you’re here because you struggle with trying to find cute wide fit shoes. Well, I created this post because like so many of you, I struggle with this problem, too. Wide fit shoes aren’t hard to find, it’s stylish and on trend wide fit shoes I have problems finding. As always, Asos comes through in the clutch. Asos makes their own line of clothing, accessories, and shoes, and their wide fit shoes actually fit true to size 90% of the time. Asos also sells wide fit shoes from other brands, but beware, Public Desire doesn’t fit well and Raid is a hit or miss. Simply Be and Glamorous are sold on Asos and fit wide feet well. Torrid is always a hit or miss for me as far as style goes, but I was pleasantly surprised to find more than 2 pairs that I really liked. They’re hitting the mark more and more these days.

I’m manifesting starting a line of my own wide fit shoes one day. How does the saying go? If you want something done right, do it yourself. I’m planting the seed.

Where do you shop from for wide fit shoes? What kind of wide fit shoes do you want that aren’t on the market? For me, it’s these babies right here.

I love these so much and think they’d look so cute with a t shirt dress + hooded sweatshirt underneath + a pulled back hair look + chunky gold jewelry. For now, we have the shoes below, and most of them are on sale! Tap on the photo for details. Happy shopping! xo

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